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ms. Roxy


Welcome to the 6th Edition of Muuves Digital Magazine featuring NYC sensation Ms. Roxy. This is a bonus edition follow up from her debut in the June edition of Muuves Digital Magazine.

Muuves Xtra will serve to celebrate the God given beauty of women in artistic form. The celebration of women's curves, skin, shape, and all the other features that show why they are the mothers of the world is seen, embraced and celebrated here.

We give you Ms. Roxy.

1. So how did you get into modeling. Do you consider your self a model or someone that enjoys posing for photos?

One day I stopped by my friends vape shop/ art gallery he had just opened up with his business partner and he said why don’t you come in and take pictures. So I did and once i got the pictures back and posted on IG my modeling career took off as a IG model. Haha. That was 2 years ago and I’ve met and shot with some amazing photographers and clothing lines since then.


Ms. Roxy

IG: @biracial.barbie_

Snapchat: unbroken.wings

Age: 26

Representing: New York City

Measurements: 31 - 26 - 37 Height: 5'5" Weight: 121

Ethnicity: African-American/Irish