Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2016 - Page 52

AN EDUCATION NK: NATSUKI KIKUYA AM: ANTONY MOSS What were the challenges of introducing sake into the WSET? NK: AM: There were three big challenges. Firstly, WSET has a tradition of offering structured education programs that fully prepare people for the assessment, and this requires educators who have the skills and knowledge to teach these courses. Most of WSET’s existing educators were very familiar with wine, and some had a deep knowledge of spirits, but very few knew enough about sake to teach at the level we required. Identifying enough potential sake educators and finding the means to develop them into sake authorities was the biggest challenge. Second, and related, our wine and spirits teaching makes extensive use of samples to demonstrate teaching points. There are few markets where it is easy to find the diversity of samples needed to demonstrate and contrast different yeast strains, rice varieties and production methods, etc, and in the UK we are importing our sakes directly from Japan. The final challenge was estimating the demand. This is such a new area of business activity, and requires reaching new industry sectors in order to be successful. We predi Y [Y]\܂H\[YX\[Y \\[X]B\\HK]]ZY]HY[B][[Y[وZKYYX][ۈ\B\][H]H[H \]ܛ“΂SN\H]\]H[[HY\\[HBY[ۘ[Y\[\[HܙX]X[و\]™]\]HY\HXZ܈Y\[\[\BX]\X[ []\\[YY ^Z[[‚HY\[\]Y[XZ[X[HZ\\]Z\\˜H]XY\\XX[[\[[قX[ۋX]\Hو\H[[ܙB]Z[Y\[]Z[و\Y[][ۈX\\\Y\[H[\]]X[YX][ۜ˜]H[YH][ Έ][Y\[[[ܘ\XU\]HYSN[HYX\\[\Y MKLMKUY ̋ MH[Y]\[YY[\XK\XK\K\ܘY[[]XHH[Y\\BU\\\Hٙ\Y8$ۛH\H[ ˜[Y\ˈ]HY\X\]܈U\HR[KTK[YKۙۙX]\Z][]\[XK[H[PQKBUZH\\\H]Z[XH[[ق\H^\X]\[[KHHY[Hۋ[[Y][ۈ\H[]B\\[Y[[][KH]\[˜[\X[H[HZ[YX\[UY[\Hܚ[[H[B[\][\Y\ˈZ\\[HB[H][][ۜ[[܈^X]]\[ݙ\[X[ۜHX[ۋY[\ܝ \X][ۋ]Z[[ܙXKX\][[][X][ۋ[YX][ۋSY][ۈ\X]H]X\\وUY[ܚš[\[\Y\ˈYHو\H\H[[˜H[][ۋ]\YHU\\™^[Z\[X]]\\[ۈ[K\]¸$[ZKΈ]\HHZ[\وHUZH\O‚H][ \H\[X\[HZ[YY][HH[X\H؈H\ZH\Y ]]\[HH[\K\ܚXH[\\H]X[]H[]Z[ ][ݚY\[[Y\[\[[و[H]\X\]]B[[\Xۈ[H[]X[]K[]\[BY\\[\۝^ SNUTUSHшRHTS L