Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2016 - Page 39

Sake breweries are by no means new to the US. The first sake breweries were started up at the end of the 19th century by Japanese immigrants. Brewing sake domestically, using American raw materials, avoided high taxes imposed on imports so that these mainly agricultural workers of a limited means, could afford to buy the sake they missed from home. In time, with the trend for sushi and other Japanese cuisine, sake became more and more popular. In 1979, Ozeki, one of the largest Japanese sake producers, set up a brewery [[YܛXKZ\KXYYZH[ZZZ[Y[H 8&\ˈ\XH]X]Y]X\BX\[YܙXH\Hو[YܛX[XKHZHXYH\H\H\[\B]\Y\۝[Y\Z[]HHTZBX\]\^K][HH NNL8&\H][وZH]\B\Y\XܛHTˈHXZܚ]Hق\H\H[Y\X[[ۙY[XHۈH[B[K^x&]Hٝ[Y[]\H[Y\X[[\X\و\[\HZK^H\HH[Z[\\[ۈ]وHܘYY\[ݙ[Y[ Z[Z[XHYܙXH][Z][HX\[›[]\[ \X[HX[Y]\[\BYX\[ښJH]]H[ܙYY[Z[Z[Z\X[]X[H]Z\[X\] HX\]^Hۛ[ HX\]܈ZH[HTYܛ[\[X[ ]H[\[[و]Z\Y\[ \HܘYZH]\\H[XY[XH[H][Z\[][]Y\HZH][ HX[\H[[\ [™X\H[\[XZ[Z\ZHX\XKX[H]HXYH\[HX\] YBXZ[^ZH܈^[\KX\™X\[H]Z[XH]YHو\[\[\[œZH܈\[][Z[[\YHBH]ZY\\KZ\[X]YZ\[\X[H[X][[[ YX[Z[\˂\\H\[\H]HܙX]Y]]YܚY\˜[[\و][\HܙZYۈ[X]\Y\΂\[\HY\ X[[\Y\[\K\B[Y[\[Z^[\K\[\HZ܂X]\][ۊH[[H \[[\]Y[H]\YHܘ\\K\H]\\H\[ܙX]BHH]]YܞHو8&[Y\X[Zx&KUTUSHшRHTS B