Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2016 - Page 29

GLOBAL SAKE VOICE: RICHIE HAWTIN NK: Do you always have a local connection to the food and drink when you travel? NK: 旅をする時は、常にその場のローカルの食べ物や飲み物に興味 RH: RH: 旅行中は、イタリアにいても、クロアチアにいてもどこでも、 When I travel, I always want the local food and wine. If I’m in Italy, Croatia, anywhere, I want the local cuisine and local drinks match well whether it’s the beer or drinks. I think the regionality of food and sake Japan is incredible. When I was in Hokkaido I wanted to have uni (sea urchin), and in Fukui I wanted Snow Crab. You always want to know what you drink with that. Travelling the world as a DJ is a journey of discovery of music and taste, and that goes through my whole life. When you find a certain sound you like or taste you try and understand it. If I hear a great record the first thing I do is I ask ‘who made this record and what label is it on?’. And I then follow that artist and label to find other things. It’s the same with a kura, what’s the history of the brewer? Why are they making this sake? Who is the toji? Where Y]ښBX\Z[H[وZ[K\[و]K H[XYYHۙHو\XX\]H[و[[XZMK[Y]HY]]\ZHو\[X\M]8&\H[][]B[]8&\]HZHX]] ZH\YH[\[]H[وZHH\H[[X]\HX[]\]YKܘYX[X[ \[K^H]\X\۸&]]\XˈB[XۚX]\X[H\[H]H[[\X]]Y[[B[Y]XH[][ۜ\ˈH]Y]Hو[H[^\Y[H[H[H[Z[\^Kस࠸i8kifxb'‚gxkg,8khnyjx888ऺhoga8h8 g,9a`khd8j8 Bg,9a`khojxj8k9)c8a8a8j8a8adj8ह论*xegci y+8k`¹g'y!j9g,:adc%k(9m8xea8j9'xa8 c%m`dऺ**8gfjkg,9a`kf..xस y.xik-bcx8ऺhnxgae xgx8jd"8a࠸kहxࢸga8j9'xhia8 j8ei.%c8हxfBj8a8adj8k y8ea:goxj9dlkn)k888i࠸`hi Bgx8k`xk.'gxk࠸kj:* 8hi࠺`c* 8ikja8h8 !b!c9%jjg9dlja/&hgj8cx࠸gxa (9m8xea888Bj9a/&aj8 xof`xc: gckkoxf#8dk88xk*8c9/g8hgkb'jxdk88xbyaia8kb'#xj8a8adj8 gxdbx Bgxkਸ8x8888xk.k/g9dxसxxx8fx ad%-xh8h¸ibjf8ex dk%-xkm9ck'jidkbadऺ`(8hia8kb'¹g9#k*;'g9#kjxdi/(c8eicxg'$9n"8gxaca"xk%9lxeB xj9."kcjhi yoo8kab9'k8ajexhia8i*y"'k.i&eB Jxह.y.ex8g gxk`x8i9/kd:/%8j࠹a`(hg gxjxc9ioxcxjh8 y+:adky+8i!`8j`dx8jx B`xghxkbc8kkl#excidh8ࢸk z m.%,ह xhg8 `xkgoxk8x88ikja8bx fkd:gox8࠹//ia8i ylfy.y)k8aj('xa8 y+:ad࠺gox࠸ y//8g8ajc:j$eiixgh8 ۙHوHX[\[ L H[XZH]\Y\[[YZ[H^XZ[]]H:$9n[ZH[H [\X\XZHZ[HK[[YH]\HY\H][\\Y[[^XYH\Y]^H[ NNMKK[[XZH9i*y"'\[[\܈]X\K\X[^[HوX[XZZHZH[\Z]HYH[\][ۈۙ\^[\B]H][YH][ ܚ[ˈؘXH[[Y XX]ZHۙ\\[K[[[Y[[[]\]H[[[H[[^ \\ܝYHܚ]\\Y[]\ZH]š\\YHY][ۘ[]\K[YZH]\H[ۙHوH\[[[ݘ]]HZHX\[HX\] \\\X]X™Y\H\XY[H][\][ۈو]\[ۜ[Y\Y[H][P\XZHZYZKUTUSHшRHTS B