Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2016 - Page 17

THE CUP SAKE REVOLUTION RECEPTION We did all the PR ourselves - the concept of the cup sake bar was key in capturing the imagination and for the project to gain traction. The bar was featured as Time Out’s drinks event of the week, as well as appearing in quite a few other places such as London on the Inside, the Dojo app and on the Code Bulletin. In addition, we had contacted the BBC a few weeks before and Natsuki appeared on the Radio 4 Food Programme talking aout sake. As a result, approximately a thousand people visited the bar during its week-long opening, consuming about 800 cup sake and 700 glasses. Several years since our last public sake bar event there seemed to be an interesting shift in interest and perceptions in the London audience. Many visitors were still relatively new to sake, having only tried it once or twice before and had been drawn in through popular media. However, many guests came to the event already aware that there was much more to learn about the topic. They wanted a much better understanding of the drink having become aware that there was a sophisticated range of tastes and styles to explore. Basic perceptions of sake seemed to have improved from 3 years ago - it was not just a ‘hot strong spirit’. There appeared to be a significant audience who are now very interested in experience and trying different sakes, providing the cost and environment are not too intimidating. Our other aim was to challenge the usual means of experiencing sake. The atmosphere managed to be relaxed, casual and stylish whilst remaining fundamentally informative. In this sense it was a very uniquely London event playing to an urban crowd that craves authenticity and originality. We worked hard to ensure we were providing a sophisticated experience but one unburdened by formality. We also found that the length of visit and average spend was much higher than predicted, with many return visits within the week and strong traction through social media channels. The cup sake also showed how it is possible to go beyond activities that simply translate and show Japanese culture, to creating a far more unique hybrid culture in London. Far from a Shinjuku vending machine, the cup sake could be a much more stylish and fashionable objec [ۋYܛZ[[ܙX][]ۂ[\]YHZH[\H][ۙۈ[ݙHHH\\[H]ZB]][ۈ܈H]KUTUSHшRHTS M‚