Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2016 - Page 13

THE CUP SAKE REVOLUTION DESIGN The space for the bar was quite a challenge to work with. It was an irregular shaped prism space on the ground floor of the Hoxton, Shoreditch with glazing and doors on all five sides. It had been formed by enclosing an external courtyard through the addition of a large translucent roof, leaving a somewhat unresolved space with an internalised stone paving floor, garden furniture and a small amount of green foliage struggling to grow. It did not naturally translate into a comfortable space to be in, feeling a little too cold and external, and with your attention naturally drawn to the spaces visible through the enclosing glazing - the hotel lobby and lounge areas. ment The challenge was to transform the space to something more coherent and intimate with a single powerful design move. We developed the idea of special garden adding a single curving bar, that could twist in and out around the space スペシャル・ガーデン to offer an elongated service space ‘in the round’, with lots of space for customers to sit and stand around. Primarily it would give a central inward focus to the space, turning the irregular form into an asset and creating a sense of theatre around the central tree. The shape of the bar allowed us to build a very strong relationship between service and customer that would work well with the bar concept - being both casual but also really promoting a direct interaction and education about sake. Wobbly bar creates different social spaces. Sommeliers can interact with groups from the central space. うねったデザインのバーデザインによる、 コミュニケーションを誘発するスペース The scale was refined through various sketches and 3d models to find the perfect balance of spaces. Instead of a long, straight bar where [H][H[H[[&][XX\X\[KH\\وH\ܙX]Y]\[\\܈ܛ\X[\KH[X\\\H[\Z[\YX]B\\BX\XBH[Y[Y\HH[K[[\ܛH\XX\Z[YBK[]YBX[BۛX[ۜ]\Y\[ٙ\ZHZY[KH]\]Hق]\[BZ[X\ܛYYH\YY[\HوX]]H[Y]\H[YYYcyl!88ऺ,8dj8i yi%bB[H[B۝[[\Y\HHH\Hۘ[][[H\XBXH[kf89kk8aj)b8H[HHYH[ܙHYXY[\XH\][ۈ]]B]\[[HوX]Kۘ\[B&!n{"8f8l8{"yo#8UTUSHшRHTS L‚