Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2015 - Page 6

WHAT IS SPARKLING SAKE? 1 WHAT IS SPARKLING SAKE? Happoshu (sparkling sake in Japanese) is a relatively new, increasing and evolving category in sake industry. The pioneer of sparkling sake in the market is “Suzune Sparkling” by Ichinokura Brewery in Miyagi prefecture; the product was launched in 1998 and became the national trend, which led the industry to establish the sparkling sake category. WORDS: NATSUKI KIKUYA ILLUSTRATION: SOHO+CO BROWN RICE KOJI POLISH GRAINS WASH, SOAK, STEAM, COOL STEAMED RICE CULTIVATE STEAMED RICE KOJI RICE + LACTIC ACID YEAST STRAIN STEAMED RICE KOJI RICE SHUBO STARTER FERMENTATION MOROMI MASH FERMENTATION FERMENTATION HALTED EARLIER THAN USUAL FOR SECOND BOTTLE FERMENTED SAKE AND SOME GAS ADDITION SAKE MUSEUM OF SAKE JOURNAL 6