Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2015 - Page 37

5 TENZAN JUNMAI GINJO NAMA ORIGARAMI TITLE 天山 純米吟醸生 おりがらみ SIZE & PRICE: 6 ABV: 15% RICE POLISHING RATIO: 5% 5 RICE POLISHING RATIO: 5% 5 RICE: FOOD PAIRING: PRAWN COCKTAIL, SEAFOOD SALAD, CARPACCIO DEEP-FRIED CALAMARI, SCALLOPS OR WHITE FISH Sparkling version of the popular Dassai series. Second fermentation within bottles brings a natural and pleasant carbonation. The Nigori style expresses the sweetness of Yamadanishiki from rice sediments. Well structured yet delicate sake. Served as an official sparkling during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Tokyo, in 2014 . Delicately cloudy, sweet nose of honey, vanilla cream and yorgurt candy, nuttiness of almonds and hazelnuts. Carbon dioxide is naturally produced by fermentation inside the bottle with a hint of lees left behind the pressing process. 白川郷 炭酸純米 泡にごり酒 YAMADA NISHIKI FOOD PAIRING: YAMADA NISHIKI SHIRAKAWAGO TANSANJUNMA AWANIGORI-SAKE 720ML (1800 JPY) 360ML (1800 JPY) CATEGORY: JUNMAI DAIGINJO, UNPASTEURISED ABV: 16% 7 獺祭発泡にごり スパークリン50 SIZES & PRICES: 720ML (1400 JPY) CATEGORY: JUNMAI GINJO, UNPASTEURISED RICE: DASSAI SPARKLING 50 8 FUKUJU SPARKLING SAKE ‘AWASAKI’ 福寿 発泡純米酒 あわ咲き SIZE & PRICE: 500ML (950 JPY) SIZE & PRICE: 300ML (700 JPY) CATEGORY: JUNMAI NIGORI SAKE CATEGORY: JUNMAI ABV: 11% ABV: 6.5% RICE POLISHING RATIO: 0% 5 RICE POLISHING RATIO: 5% 6 RICE: DOMESTIC RICE RICE: DOMESTIC RICE FOOD PAIRING: DEEP-FRIED CHICKEN WINGS WITH TERIYAKI SAUCE, YAKITORI FOOD PAIRING: GOUGERE, FRESH SUMMER ROLLS, SMOKED SALMON SALAD Second bottle fermented sparkling nigori sake. This thick and creamy sparkling nigori sake has a sweetness of banana bread and milk shake, a hit of astringency to create a depth and great balance. 9 SHOCHIKUBAI SHIRAKABEGURA ‘MIO’ Second bottle fermented thus very little yeast is present, making a lightly cloudy colour. Consistent and creamy fizz, yogurt and hint of coconut water aromas. Natural sweetness of lychee, nashi pear and grapefruit. Best award at Sparkling Sake category at Fine Sake Awards 2012. 10 松竹梅白壁蔵「澪」スパークリング SIZE & PRICE: 300ML (475 JPY) 150ML (285 JPY) 750ML (1187 JPY) CATEGORY: JUNMAI ABV: 5% RICE POLISHING RATIO: 0% 5 RICE: DOMESTIC RICE FOOD PAIRING: PARMA HAM, SALMON CARPACCIO, CURRY, CREAM CHEESE, CAMEMBERT CHEESE, STRAWBERRY, KIWI Clear coloured with gentle creamy foams, natural sweetness of vanilla and Kyohou grapes, great acidity of grapefruits, fragrant of summer flowers and elderflower. Soft and light, refreshing sake reminiscent of muscat di asti. Hyper Japan ‘Eat-Japan Sake SAKE JOURNAL 37 MUSEUM OF Experience 2014’ People’s Favourite. ICHINOKURA SUZUNE WABI 一ノ蔵 すず音 WABI SIZE & PRICE: 375ML (1000 JPY) CATEGORY: JUNMAI ABV: 5% RICE POLISHING RATIO: 5% 6 RICE: DOMESTIC RICE FOOD PAIRING: CHEESE, CALIFORNIA ROLLS, FRESH FRUIT Clear water white colour, sweet flavours of basket of fruits & flowers; Muscat, peach, apricot, gooseberry, rose and lily. Great balance of sweetness and acidity. Winner of the champion medal, Sparkling Sake category at the International Wine Challenge 2015. It can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or dessert sake.