Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2015 - Page 36

1 MASUMI SPARKLING 2 TITLE 真澄 スパークリング MII NO KOTOBUKI CO2 三井の寿 CO2 SIZE & PRICE: 720ML (5076 JPY UNBOXED) SIZE & PRICE: CATEGORY: JUNMAI, UNPASTEURISED CATEGORY: JUNMAI GINJO, UNPASTEURISED ABV: 12% 720ML (2000 JPY) RICE POLISHING RATIO: 8% 6 ABV: 13% RICE: MIYAMA NISHIKI (NAGANO PREF.) RICE POLISHING RATIO: 60% RICE: GIN NO SATO FOOD PAIRING: CHINESE APPETISERS, CLAMS, CHICKEN SALAD FOOD PAIRING: STRAWBERRIES, MARSCAPONE CHEESE The most champagne-like sparkling sake of our selection. An extremely elegant sake with mouthful flavours of refreshing acidity, viscosity and umami. Second fermentation in bottle with traditional riddling; matured one year and disgorged. Lingering long finish. 3 The rice used is called Gin no Sato, two thirds of its family is related to Yamadanishiki. Second bottle fermented. Clear water white colourless, floral aromas with bone dry sake. Vigorous sharp finish to cut through. HORAISEN YAWAKUCHI SPARKLING 蓬莱泉やわくちスパークリング SIZE & PRICE: CATEGORY: CLEAR 360ML (1500 JPY) JUNMAI ABV: 10% 10 RICE POLISHING RATIO: 60% RICE: YAMADA NISHIKI FOOD PAIRING: 3 9 CANAPES, THAI PAPAYA SALAD AND CEVICHE 8 Clear water white colourless, tiny consistent bubbles, citrus aromas of grapefruit zest, fresh herbs and spices of cloves to give astringency. Bittersweet taste enveloped by the delicate flavor of rice. Second bottle fermented. 4 5 SWEET 4 DRY TOSA SHIRAGIKU BIHAPPO 6 土佐しらぎく 微発泡 SIZE & PRICE: 720ML (1550 JPY) CATEGORY: JUNMAI GINJO, UNPASTEURISED ABV: 15% RICE POLISHING RATIO: 50% RICE: DOMESTIC RICE FOOD PAIRING: MARINATED SALMON AND ONION SALAD, GRILLED CHICKEN WITH FRESH HERBS Summer season’s limited sparkling sake. Delicate smooth bubbles with a hint of lee gives a refreshing texture with flavours of herbs and grapefruit. Enjoy in champagne flutes or try on the rocks with a slice of lemon. MUSEUM OF SAKE JOURNAL 36 ALL PRICES ARE RETAIL PRICES IN JAPAN, EXCLUDING TAX. 2 1 7 CLOUDY