Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2015 - Page 3

EDITORIAL Alcohol is a cure for all ailments. TRADITIONAL JAPANESE PROVERB COOL SAKE FOR A HOT SUMMER As summer gets into full swing its becoming hotter in Japan, and London has recently experienced the hottest days since measurements began. It seems fitting therefore that this issue of the Museum of Sake Journal has a special focus on cooling off with some refreshing glasses of sparkling sake! The sparkling sake market is growing in the UK, as consumers are already keen on English Sparkling Wine as well as other bubblies like cava and prosecco. On the other side of the world in Japan, sparkling sake is gaining traction with a younger audience who had previously viewed sake as the drink of an older generation. Perhaps sparkling sake can be seen as a ‘gateway’ drink for sake newbies, before they discover other varieties. It can only be positive for sake culture and the industry as a whole that consumers worldwide encounter sparkling sake, with its sweeter taste and unusual bubbles as a friendly introduction to sake. Indeed, many restaurants in London have started serving sparkling sake brands, to a warm and curious reception and pairing with interesting foods. The front cover of this quarter’s magazine by Emilie Sarnel depicts a Samurai character enjoying a drink of sake in a summertime rice field. The term ‘Sake Samurai’ is always used with respect and the implication is a person who is an expert in the field of sake. We interview with UK Sake Samurai representative, Rie Yoshitake and Sake Samurai Coordinator, Toshie Hiraide to find out the background of this organisation and its aims. We also explore sake production, consumption and trends inside and outside of Japan, and learn about Sussie Villarico and Oliver Hilton-Johnson’s edifying experiences at Nøgne Ø and Hayashi Honten breweries respectively. We hope this issue spurs you on to beat the heat and enjoy some chilled sake this summer, sparkling or otherwise. Kampai! NATSUKI KIKUYA DIRECTOR & CURATOR, MUSEUM OF SAKE MUSEUM OF SAKE JOURNAL 3