Museum of Sake Journal Summer 2015 - Page 26

AN INTERNSHIP AT NØGNE Ø 5 AN INTERNSHIP AT NØGNE Ø: EUROPE’S FIRST SAKE BREWERY Nøgne Ø in Norway may be best known for its line of awardwinning craft beers but it is also Europe’s first sake brewery. I run a small company called Cooking in Motion, together with my partner, Sebastian Mazzola. In May 2015, we had the good fortune to experience a six-day long internship at Nøgne Ø in Norway where we followed and assisted sake brewer Brock Bennett- a Canadian chemist who has been brewing sake at Nøgne Ø since 2010. WORDS & PHOTOGRAPHS: SUSSIE VILLARICO My very first encounter with Nøgne Ø sake to