Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 68

Museek Mag Must Buy: IK IRIG Voice IK multimedia I Rig voice If you like to sing, then this is a product you cannot live without. The Ik multimedia I Voice is a Voice microphone for your IPhone, IPad or Android Tablet. You can plug it directly into your headphone socket, download the free Vocal live app from the Apple App Store or the Android Play store and you are good to go. The Vocal live app, is very advanced but very simple to use. It has 4 effect slots where you can enable vocal effects like echo and reverb, harmonisation effects like choir, You can get the software to sing the harmony for the melody you sing though the mic, a great boon if you are singing live on stage. It also has a Karaoke feature which allows you to sing to minus the voice from a mixed track. We have Singer Song writer MATHANGI JAGADESH AKA MAJA with us who will demonstrate on how she uses this product for for live gigs. Museek Mag 68