Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 67

OCTOBER 2016 Must Buy: CME X Key 25 JORDAN RUDASS KEYBOARDIST FOR DREAM THEATRE Must Buy: CME X Key 25 Air If you are looking at a Professional keyboard that you can carry with you laptop bag then here is the CME X Key 25 Air, It wafer thin, great velocity sensitivity, Bluetooth MIDI so you can wirelessly connect with your iPad, iPhone or your Mac. It supports polyphonic after touch, it has a octave up and down button to switch to the full 8 octave range of a piano, it has pitch bender and modulation and even has a sustain button. The Keyboard comes bundled with a iPad and Mac/PC Piano App, it is compatible with Apple free applications like Garage band on Mac or iPad. Museek Mag 67