Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 66

Museek Museek Mag Mag Feedback form Avid finally unbundles Pro Tools HD software from its HD Native and HDX Hardware bundles. This is a welcome news for a lot of users are waiting for this move from Avid for a long time. The Pro Tools 12.6 is now available for 999 US$ subscription per year and 2499US$ to buy a perpetual license. The Pro Tools 12.6 offers clip effects, it is possible to process clips with Equalizers and Compressors without doing a destructive edit using Audio Suite plugins. Once processed the setting stay with the clip even if you move it. You can also layer clip effects on top of one another. This feature is very useful for sound designers who can now process the clip with effect plugins. Third party plugin support is not available yet but expected in the near future. Now you can right click on a fade and adjust the shape and slope of the fade. Now fades also render correctly when you drag the clip into another track. The other awesome feature in Pro Tools 12.6 is that you can create playlists on the fly and also has keyboard shortcuts to toggle through playlists. This is the 3rd major upgrade for Pro Tools this year 12.4 brought in Track Freeze and 12.5 brought in cloud collaboration. This unbundling of the Pro Tools HD software is a very good move by Avid this will be a great news for Music Producers and Sound Designers who use third party sound cards to get all the latest features of Pro Tools 12.6. 66