Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 51

OCTOBER 2016 Gurithip sagar sir. In western classical music, I have completed grade 8 in Keyboard vocal and theory in Trinity college of music. In vocal I further continued doing ATCL under Mr. Augustin Paul sir and right now I am taking up LTCL music also. Apart from this I play instruments like violin,veena and keyboard. Right from I think 12 years back I started composing music. Not only composing after composing I started producing, music producing for the song. My uncle taught me everything, how to use software and hardware etc., I thing in that way, I was well groomed and I must be very much thankful to him. I have composed jingles, signature tunes and albums. Under my uncles JSD audio lable, we have released around 24 albums which consists of various genres like carnatic classical, vocal, fusion series, classic wave series which comprises of classic waves 1,2,3 and instrumental keyboard. I composed music for one important album in which I collaborated with legendary artist pandit Hariharan ji, SPB ji is Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s Vandhae Matharam. I consider this as a very great blessing because this took me to the next level for producing music for the movie called Prabha. I made the music production for this and it got launched in 2015 August. In this album my Guruji Balamurali Krishnaji has sung and other various legendary singers like Hariharan sir, Vijay Prakash sir, Palakat Sriram sir, Swetha Mohan and Myself have sung for this movie album. In my home studio I work with various DAWs like protools, logic, cubase etc., I work with other bundles like Kontakt libraries, east west, quantum loops, Vienna etc.,and with Interface like UAD, Appolo. That is how we experiment the sound. 51