Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 43

OCTOBER 2016 I was actually self-taught when it comes tom Carnatic music. It was Mr. Selvaraj Kumar who introduced me to light music orchestra. He taught me the basics of Carnatic music. I learned up to saralivarisai. That’s probably the lowest basic thing that you can learn in Carnatic music. I started playing in live concerts. That is how I learned my trade. I was so inquisitive about ragas. I used to buy a lot of books on Ragas and do some research about them. Of course, when I was doing It, It was early 90’s, there was no Internet and stuff. I was just doing all them myself by exploring books, listening to cassettes, listening to tapes and stuff. After 2000, I came to Chennai and I started playing with some legends like Rajesh Vaidhya and so many other people. After doing that I learned a lot about how a Carnatic piece is structured, how this Ragas, Thaalas, the science behind the whole thing works. That’s how I learned about all these things. Eventually, in 2003 I got the title called Sangeetha Bhaskara for my knowledge in Carnatic music. So that was my progress as a Carnatic accompanist. After Sangeetha Bhaskara of course much later the iPod thing happened. In the meantime, I was playing a lot of concerts with Rajesh Vaidhya, Bombay Jayashree, Ganesh Kumaresh, Porbayan Chatterjee and so many other people. With all the classical musician having played over about 2000 fusion concerts with so many legends and that’s how I learned all these stuff. Eventually, when I got the iPod this thing happened and I have learned to connect myself as a Carnatic solo performer because of this instrument. So there is an app called iFretless guitar on which you can play guitar and nice blues stuff. So I use this app to play blues on the iPod. I hope that apple gets to see this some day because I am sure they are more serious than anybody else in making sure iPod function this nice musical instruments. When apple comes some of these days and will do something about this and make sure that it is made convenient for other people to use. Atlas they could get some third party developers to do some hardware, which might assist in like giving us some extra growth for something on the side by which we can hold it properly. Not only for iPod pro. For example, it would help if an iPod pro has a nice handle here to hold on to how a melodica has a strap at the back. So if some of these accessories are made available by apple then it would actually benefit a lot more musicians than it is currently doing. Actually, the present that we use for ani Moog is custom made by me. Actually, I designed the perception scratch. We use the various waveforms that are available in the app itself. When we go to the stampers page we have a lot of stuff here. We can add whatever you want to add on this portion. After that, it is about digesting the settings where you get the maximum decay time and all those things. Once you do that you can alter the LF4 settings here and then the finally the scale. So If you