Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 34

Museek Mag for a Telugu movie for him followed by a couple of Tamil movies like Anthapuram,, Kaliyugnal in Malayalam, Kochu Kochu santhoshangal and all were very beautiful songs. Following that, I got a great opportunity to sing for AR Rahman sir. He was recording for the rerecording of Dhil se. There was a little portion where he wanted to record the kids voices for the rerecording. Then he called me over from his office and it’s actually a part of a Bandish. I also did a Telugu movie Amma ammunu choodaluni unthi along with Ramya Krishnan. It’s a lead role and a very good movie. I sang songs for that. Music was by Koti sir. I did a few commercials like Shakthi masala along with Kushboo and Manorama aachi, Dukes’ perry milk and a couple of other brands. I was also a model. So that was all as much as acting was concerned. In one of the studios in AVM, they were auditioning for Kamal Hasan sir’s movie Avvai Shanmugi. They were auditioning to select the voi H܈[X[\&\]Y\&\K^B\[YYHݙ\X]\HH\Xܙ[\H[^HZYH۸&][HKH\˜Y[\ˈ]\\H]X]\H][Z^X[]HX[\H[[H[ݚYH[BXܙY H[\]H[ HY]\XYX\Y\]\YH8'[˜[[\HX[Y\\x'H\]Z\[YY܈X[ˈ\\H\H]™^\Y[H[˔ˈ]H[X\\H\X܈وH[ݚYH\\H[HX[B[YYHH[][H[[][ۈY܈H\[YK]\ۋ[X[\[]H[X\\\[Y^HXH[^HX[HZY] ^H]HYH[ܝ[]HX[H[ݚYK]\^H\[[\]X[܈[ݚY\˂H]HXY܈H\Hو\[ݚY\ZHܚ^X][\[K[Y][[ZB]Y[[X[H[[ݚY\ZHXX[[Hܝ][][XH[Z[]KXZY܈HZ[\ۙH[^HYH\[HH[HYY]YXX\[ܙY[X]HYHY[][]\[HYX\ NNMˈ^H\[\HY[]H]\X\HY[X]HYHY[][]\]Y\Y\[\]\]H\ۙH^HZHۙH[H܈^H]Y\YH[[[Bؙ\ Hݙ[X\ M