Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 33

OCTOBER 2016 Deepika came into the limelight with her rendition of Kai alavu manasu title track for K.Balachandar’s serial in which she also acted as child artist. Now she is the prime disciple of Sangitha Kalanidhi Sudha Raghunathan and doing Classical music concerts in Chennai. Hi! This is Deepika and you are watching me on Balachander sir. K B sir was going to do museek mag. one of his mammoth projects called Kaiyalavu manasu. So, he was just beginning My mom is a playback singer. She has been to look out for casting to see who fits where. singing for Ilayaraja sir for last 30 years. Music He came up with this idea. He wanted a came to me from my family. My grandfather kid who could sing as well as act. Again, is also a singer. When I was about 3-4 years, I I should say It was my good fortune that used to listen to my mom practice at home and once again Amee Jaan sir went over to KB picked up those little songs from her. So that is sir and showed in my pictures and said this how I informally started singing. But formally, is the kid who acted in my serial recently, my career was launched by Mr. Selvakumar of why don’t you give her a shot. Then KB sir Audio media. It was a beautiful moment becalled us over to his office and he made me cause I used to go along with my mom to his sing 3-4 songs. I sang to him and then he studio very often when she used to record for thought I would be able to do but I didn’t him. really realize what a huge personality he was then because I was just 6 years old. On one such day, he Said very casually, “Deeps why don’t you record something like casually In Tamil, the first song that I sang was for singing something”. So, I just sang a little song Shree Vidyasagar sir for the movie Vilon Ganesha and he recorded it. It was I think ladhi Villan that was along with Anuradha my greatest good fortune and greatest blessing Sreeram mam. And the very special song I should say. That moment turned out to be like was when I recorded for Ilayaraja sir. I sang a whole launching pad for my musical career. Later on, very established director Mr. Ameer Jaan was working on a project at Selva sir’s studio and he wanted a kid who could sing. So Incidentally, Selva sir had the demo of mine that I had recorded in his studio and he played it to him. God’s grace and music’s grace Okayed my voice. In fact, my first recording was at audio media and again Selvakumar sir recorded me for the first time. The director and the producer were very happy. I sang this song with my mom and post that they suddenly came up with an Idea as to why don’t we make this little kid act in the serial. So that’s how my career and acting parallel launched off. At that point, the director of this serial, Ameer Jaan sir was assisting the legendary Shree K. 33