Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 29

OCTOBER 2016 Cover Story thing that the film world used but now we have Sonodyne in Calcutta Manufacturing high-quality Monitor speakers which are selling like hot cake in the west so in 10 years lot of things have changed and things look very bring down on the horizon. What kind of software or tool will you recommend an aspiring sound designer to learn in order to come to the mainstream ? According to me using a software does make you into a good operator of the software and not a sound designer. So in order to be a good sound designer you need to learn all aspects of filmmaking as a sound is only a discipline in the craft of filmmaking. So you need to learn all the aspects of filmmaking to be a good Sound Designer. With a lot of movies being made by Indy filmmakers, regional cinema in various languages the film industry is attracting a lot of youngsters as picking cinema sound as a career option and I am sure that is going to take Sound Designers to a very bright future. 29