Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 28

Museek Mag The tough live sound is what is used predominantly in Hollywood why Indian cinema still resorts to dubbed sound? There is a historic reason to this transition, the older Arri 2C studio cameras required 3 phase power to run, so essentially everything that gets married to film need to be recorded as the scene is shot which will even include background music. But later on with the advent of smaller camera that can be mounted on a tripod like the Aari 3 the movies started moving out of studios and started getting shot in real locations, that is when the Nagara recorders were invented and the location sound started to be recorded on that device and then later replaced in the dubbing studios. Later only in the 90s, we started doing live sound for movies, now mainstream directors like Manirathinam have started using the live sound of their movies. By not doing live sound audiences are not given the opportunity to enjoy the first-hand performance of an artist as the scene is enacted again in the dubbing studio where the true emotion of the original performance can never be reproduced. How do you see the future of Sound Design in India? We were the la