Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 27

OCTOBER 2016 Fairly a new concept Sound Design is how new is it actually is in the Indian scenario ? It is over 10 years old, The films like Black and Lagan has sound designer credits. Before my Oscar award for Slumdog Millionaire, there was only one national award for sound, which is for Audiographer. Now there are three national awards for sound. One for production sound, one for re-recording mixing and one for Sound Design. As the technology has evolved the area of specialization has widened giving the scope for more than one award for Sound. Now sound design has to be recognized as an area of work and 10 years so many things have changed in India. What is the benchmark for Indy filmmakers when it comes to doing quality sound for the picture as the knowledge on sound subjects are limited to most directors? It is easier to spot video mistakes like out of focus video or the exposure mistake or too much noise in the picture but is is not so easy to spot mistakes in audio. What is audible becomes acceptable in sound for picture, but if it does not tell a story or if it does not inspire then the audio is bad. When it comes to a picture we can make an association but when it comes to a sound we are not able to do it. As a species, we are far more tuned to sound than the picture. Most of the indy filmmakers I have seen know about Lensing but very few of them know what kind of microphone is required to record a particular dialogue. When you joined the film school you paid only six hundred rupees as your fees but we are in a position to pay in Lakhs to go in for an international film school studies, Your take on that ? There is the philosophy on why Pune film institute came in being. At the time the founders wanted to give film education to persons who are in the furthest part of the country in the poorest walk of life as they have a far greater storytelling power as compared to a person with an aristocratic upbringing. The soul of India is living in its villages and we Pune film institute had been a tool to bring that talent to the mainstream Cinema. 27