Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 26

Museek Mag Cover Story I T E R V I E W What is the difference between audiography and sound design ? The word graphy means recording, so Cinematography is recording images on film and audiography is recording audio on the tape. In cinema, Audiographer is the person who is responsible for the entire sound of the film. In a feature film recording happens in two stages, one primarily when the film is shot, this is called production sound where we record the dialogues delivered by the actors when they enact the script. The second stage of recording is called re-recording the soundtrack, this is where we put together the production elements like dialogues, sound effects, Music etc... align them together to form a soundtrack that is emotionally moving in relation to the narrative graph of the film. The Sound Designer is relative a new term because the sound post production in a modern film is so vast, it is very compartmentalized.The sound designer is the person who conceives the entire sound of the film. For example, let us say we are dealing with a period film, the sound designer conceives what is the sounds from the period. October - November 2016 26