Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 25

OCTOBER 2016 Cover Story Introduction Born in a family in Kayamkulam, near Anchal about 40 km from Kollam, Kerala. He was the youngest of eight children born to an impoverished family. His father was a private bus ticket checker. Pookutty had to walk 6 km to the nearest school and study in the light of a kerosene lamp as his village had no electricity. He did his bachelor’s degree in physics from MSM Coll YK^X[Z[[H[ NN $NNL HH\YYB\Y\[]Hݝ ]YH\][[\\[K]\H\[XH\]H] H\˜H NNMHܘYX]HH[H[[]\[ۈ[]]Hو[XK[K[]\[ M[HHܛHH[XZ[[^[H\\]\][[\\[Hݝ ]YK[HZY]]\\[8&\]\&\™\\HXZH[H[Y]K]H[ݙY][XZHY\\ܘYX][ۋH\YY]\8'H]\[[[ZYܘ][ۈ\HܘYX]HقH[]]K'HH[Y]]8'[]KY]H\[وHXXX[وH][XZH[H[\H\B[[[HوRK[K'VH]HXYH\X][[\Yۈ]H NNM[H]]H]X]N\\ۙK\XYHZ]\܋H\YXZ]Hܚ]X[HXZ[YY B[HX\XYH[^HY[H[[KHX\]Y[H[[Y\Y[܈XZ܈X[ۜ›ZH]\Y\ K[H KYXYۘ[ K[K^H]\ KX]\^XH K\’Z[^XX[\[H\XH^\HZH JH[[\[ L KB˛]\YZXY˘B