Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 20

Museek Mag Is the Maschine Jam an answer to Ableton Push... Read on... The Machine Jam is a new performance controller following on the Maschine Studio and micro. It includes the full 9 GB Maschine library and also has the Komplete select VST plugin bundle included. The Maschine Jam has 8x8 grid touch pads, 8 dual touch smart strips and a multi-track step sequencer. The dual touch strips enable you to use modulation effect and even allows to play notes in the note mode one more excuse for Electronic musicians for not learning the piano. The Maschine Jam is USB bus powered but will not have a dedicated Midi Out like its predecessor, also it does not have a headphone jack. The Maschine jam has the same software bundles as with the original Maschine so for existing Maschine users they will have to pay for this software bundle that they already own. NI should give a special deal for existing Maschine owners so they can but the Machine Jam for its extended functionality. October - November 2016 20