Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 15

OCTOBER 2016 portance to the caliber of the concert. So it’s amazing to be a part of the NAIT tour and the Nenjae yezhu tour this year. Other than Tamil I have worked in all the South Indian Languages Malayalam, Kannada, and Telugu. In Malayalam, I have sung quietly a number of songs in such great movies and I won the film fare award for Bangalore Days. This music was by Gopi sunder and he is giving totally an amazing set of songs in the set of albums in Malayalam. He is ruling the charts right now. Other than that I have worked in Telugu for Thaman, DSP garu, lot of biggies in Telugu and in Kannada for Arjun Janya. It’s a constant process of traveling to their cities and recording for them or recording here in Chennai for them. A lot of sessions happens through Skype nowadays. So I think it’s a great leap. It connects a lot of artist around the world. A lot of recording happens because suddenly they are not able to fly down to Chennai and they have the deadline and I might not be able to fly out. So I just book a studio where we have a common Skype call going and he listens to every take I record and he will review it there. There are some advanced options like neve board where them composer totally gets the wave directly when it gets recorded and he can review it as soon as possible. Great technology makes everything so easy. Mostly I record most of my songs in my friend, alap’s studio. Alap Raju has a studio called Voice and vision in Kodambakkam. Other than that, there is a studio in the crimson av [YH[[ۈX[X[BY[ Y[[[Yܘ[X[H]X[X^[[\[[KH]HXܙY]X[X^KH[HY]XZB^H[X[ۈHو[H[][XZKH]H\ܛYY[[X\H܈\ZX[[]8&\^H\]\[Hۙˈ]\HY]]Z[\H[\H^XHH[ZK[[YKH]HXܙYH܈ZZBX^[܋HZY]HY]Hو\]^H\H[XܙX]]\XX[ˈ]][\XHܙX]\\H\[H\Z[[[[\[B\\ۈ[ \H\HۙXH\ܛYY܈[H[Z^XXK]ۙ[ LHYHXܙ ]\H[Y\Yۙ]\ۂY[[[]]\\H[H\H[[ٝ[܈] MB˛]\YZXY˘B