Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 14

Museek Mag been collecting a lot of gadgets for life. I have used Roland VP7 and TC helicon a vocal processor its called voice life play. I love playing with these gadgets and trying new sounds on stage. A lot of my band members get so tired and bored of it but I still have a lot of fun. Other than that, the industry stands up with SM 58 to my knowledge is one of the best mics. I like to try Sennheiser SKM 5200. A lot of big artists do this. The handle with the women KMS 104, 105 capsules. That is said to be legendary enough. I have tried it in one of my shows in Kochin. The sound is amazing and I really like to make it my own and use in my shows in the future. A lot of new movies are coming up. Recently I have worked on “Acham enbadhu madamayada”. It’s the Telugu version, not the Tamil one. So I am waiting for that to release. A lot of songs that I recently sang for Santhosh Narayanan, Rahman sir, Vijay Antony, and Imman are awaiting their release. I have performed for Thodari, which is the most expected movie the combination of Prabhu Solomon and Imman. So, lots of projects are coming up. Definitely my future plan would be to put a lot my own music out because I feel that the identity of the singer comes when he puts his own music out because with the respect to a lot of composers who give us songs and all that but still we work for that movie and we work according to the situation and what the protagonist does on the screen. I think the audience needs to be exposed to a lot of different forms of music. Ideas are daily coming out from every creative person. I think the audience should get all that. So I think every singer has to come up with their own music and put his own video and act in it and I think that is the future. I think India is going to pick up really well in the album culture. Last year I was so lucky to be a part of ARR NAIT tour which is the AR Rahman North American intimate concert tour. I was so happy to be a part of it because of a number of technical intelligence, the amount of organizational perfection I could see right from day one. I have not done a weeklong or 10 days rehearsals. It was so nice to do the songs again and again and be perfect and know our entries and exits and may give a two hour long uninterrupted concerts to the audience. We did close to 20 shows in the US and I traveled with such great musicians like Ranjit Bharat , Mohini Dev, Sanketh, my other co-singers Jonita, Anat from Berkley. We all traveled in the same bus and after every show, we used to pack our bags and put it in and used to travel in a bus all night long. It was such an amazing experience and whenever we had time we used to hang out in jazz clubs and have such a great musical time together. A R Rahman sir’s shows are always proving themselves better. The next tour will be much better than the previous tour. So, I think he gives a lot of im- CANDID October - November 2016 14