Museek Mag October 2016 - Page 12

Museek Mag Prakash. I have worked with everyone. Each person has their own way of composing a song in working and it’s such a nice experience to record with them. I have sung the song “Kalvanae” from the movie Mega. I totally owe everything to my training because that is the only way you keep your voice tuned and seasoned and that’s the way of training. Actually learning Carnatic music has made me adapt very easily to a lot of different styles in the world. It is much easier because Carnatic music stretches you to such limits and it teaches you the border of music and it definitely helps you in learning the little faster. So thank you for that. I play the little bit of guitar and little bit of keys in my concepts but I don’t play them regularly. I try to be around the band always and always have fun with my band members on stage shows. So far, it’s been just film music and has not started composing or putting out my own music yet. But I definitely listen to the audience’s needs and perform in the show. Some shows might require a lot of classical content in it and they might listen to a lot of contemporary music rather than film music. Some people might be totally into the film. So we will have to fulfill a lot of their needs. I usually sit with my team and my wife helps me in deciding the songs to be done for the show and think we do a good job. I used to perform a lot with minus one before but now I have totally switched