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1. To Practise this activity you need rollerblades or a skateboard.

2. You do this using markers, pencils or crayons.

3. You do this activity with a story and a group listening to you about it.

4. You do this using a cooker or a fire.

5. You can do this with a horse.

6. You do this using your legs. You do it quickly.

7. You do this using your voice. You use long or short songs.

8. When you do this, you clean a part of your body, an animal or an object.

9. In this sport you kick a ball with your feet.

10. Synonym of “solve”, for example sums and substractions.

11. When you do this activity you move your legs up and down.

12. People do this activity using their voice when they have a conversation.

13. You do this activity silently or aloud using a book, a magazine, a comic or a


14. If you see a tree or a wall, you can do this using your hands and feet.

15. You can do this in the water using legs and arms.

16. At school, students generally....... the recorder or a different musical


17. You practis this activity using a bike or a horse.

18. When you do this you use a pen, a pencil or a marker.

19. Planes and birds can do this in the sky.


1)SKATE, 2)DRAW, 3)TELL, 4)COOK, 5)RIDE, 6)RUN, 7)SING, 8)WASH, 9) PLAY FOOTBALL, 10)DO, 11)JUMP , 12)TALK, 13)READ, 14)CLIMB, 15)SWIM, 16)PLAY 17) RIDE, 18)WRITE,19)FLY