Mummy and Me Magazine August 2014 September 2014 - Page 38

Disney News 60TH RIDE AT DISNEYLAND PARIS The 60th Ride at Disneyland Paris... T he culinary world of the Disney•Pixar film Ratatouille comes to life in Ratatouille L’Aventure Totalement Toquée De Rémy (Ratatouille – The Adventure), a first-of-itskind Disney attraction that uses trackless ride vehicles matched to an enormous 3D projection system featuring original animation from Pixar Animation Studios. Guests shrink down to the size of a rat and join Rémy, the “little chef” from the film for a crazy culinary adventure that sends them scurrying through the kitchen, dining room, and walls of Gusteau’s famous Paris restaurant. Synopsis The adventure begins when guests come on board a “ratmobile”, a vehicle that looks like a cute version of our furry friends from the film. Soon the ratmobiles are on a Paris rooftop where they encounter Rémy and the ghost of chef Gusteau as they discuss the special meal Rémy wants to prepare in guests’ honor. Moments later, Rémy’s excitement leads to him and the ratmobiles plummeting down to the kitchen floor of Gusteau’s restaurant. Being rats in a human world is fraught with danger, so Rémy and his new friends in the ratmobiles quickly move out of sight before Chef Skinner spots them. Rémy leads the way as all of the rats move from one hiding place to another. Luckily, Rémy’s human pal Linguini is there to help. Ride in the “Ratmobile” Welcome to the ratmobile! Specially designed by our Imagineers, this amazing car comes in five colours and holds six passengers – great for the whole family. The ratmobiles travel in groups of three, but none follows the same route. They move using a technology that requires no rails. Now guests can really experience what it’s like to be a little creature in a human-sized world as they dart quickly from hiding place to hiding place during this zany culinary adventure. Book by 30 September 2014 a 2-, 3- or 4night package and get up to 2 more nights AND 2 more days. For full details, terms and conditions visit www.