Mummy and Me Magazine August 2014 September 2014 - Page 26

September Mumpreneur NAOMI AND ‘TOPPER THE CAKE’ Topper the Cake!... the day it was produced years later and will not fade or deteriorate. Beloved pets can also be depicted, to keep forever as a reminder of happy times spent together. With Christmas just around the corner, these beautiful models make such a delightful gift for relatives and friends who can be difficult to buy for. I ntroducing Naomi Blakeway, mum of two, who has a really inspiring talent for capturing the essence of life’s special events in polymer clay. These models are beautifully crafted mementos that will allow you to treasure a precious moment, for a lifetime. Whether it be; a bride and groom dressed in their wedding finery to grace the top of that all important wedding cake, a special personalised Christmas bauble for that unforgettable first Christmas with a new baby, a unique birthday cake topper of their special personalities taking park in a favourite activity, or a Christening plaque of your little one. Facial features are cheekily captured to express the subject’s unique personality. These carefully designed clay models will still look as good as 26 | WWW.MUMMYANDMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK These lovely models can be created from a photograph and posted anywhere in the World. Perhaps you have family abroad and it is not practical to visit very often? Send them a family model to cherish as a keepsake of their loved ones back home, or have a wonderful model created of your nearest and dearest to keep with you when they are far away. It can be such a surprise when a photograph is ‘brought to life’ in such a sensational and personal way by Naomi’s unusual talent. To experience the magic of her talent, visit: or contact Naomi at: To view more of her fabulous designs, you can also find Naomi Blakeway’s Cake Toppers via Facebook.