Mummy and Me Magazine August 2014 September 2014 - Page 24

Birth & Beyond Breastfeeding - What toExpect... T BREASTFEEDING - WHAT TO EXPECT 24 | here are many changes that take place during pregnancy, one of which is that your breasts prepare for their role in making milk. From about 20 weeks into your pregnancy, your breasts will produce a rich mixture of proteins, vitamins and substances for fighting infections, this is called colostrum. This is usually a yellow/golden colour. After birth, your baby feeding will send signals to your breasts to produce milk. At around 3-4 days, the colostrum changes into a whitish milk. This milk is more creamy (higher in fat) and more satisfying for your baby. The more your baby feeds, the more milk you will produce. Once they have finished feeding on one breast, offer the other. Your baby’s instinct is to breastfeed, this instinct is particularly strong after birth, therefore it may help if you spend time cuddling your baby on your chest with your skin against theirs. Skin-to-skin can be done after a Caes \