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Birth & Beyond What to expect from those first nappies... I CHANGING NAPPIES - WHAT TO EXPECT t isn’t exactly a topic to discuss over the dinner table, or something you would go out of your way to ask your Mummy friends when you’re pregnant. However, it is useful to know that a baby’s nappies change day by day in the early stages and these changes can indicate whether they are feeding well. provide to your Midwife or Health Visitor). Day 1-2 Wees: You can expect 2 or more wees per day at this stage. Poos: You can expect 1 or more per day. Poo at this stage is very dark green/brown or black and very sticky. Poo at this stage is called ‘meconium’ or ‘mec’ for short and is already in the bowel at time of birth (it’s a nice one for the Daddy to get some practice with while you recover from the birth!). If there are changes to your baby’s nappy that you are concerned about, you should always discuss this with your midwife. These guidelines apply to all babies, whether breastfed or formula fed. It is important Things Day 3-4 however to note that formula to be aware of... Wees: You can expect 3 or fed babies may poo less more per day at this stage. It is OK for your baby not to poo frequent and be less soft (You will notice from the everyday, but only after the first few compared to a breastfed weight of the nappies). weeks. Before this time, this is likely to be baby at the same stage Poos: Your baby will an indication that they are not feeding properly of development. be having at least 2 and you should contact your midwife with any Remember that a day at this stage. queries you may have over this. these are guidelines, The colour changes some babies may go slightly, looking more In baby girls, the effects of your own hormones through the stages green and referred to through her system can sometimes result in a quicker than others as ‘changing stools’ as ‘false menstruation’ or ‘pseudo menstruation’ which is fine and more your baby is taking in which is harmless. Again, if you have than likely means that more milk and using their cause for concern when changing they are feeding more digestive system. your baby, you should contact effectively and taking in more your midwife. Day 5-6 milk. Wees: You can expect 5 or more a When you are home from the hosp