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I baby bath. Supporting them with this arm, use your other to begin washing your baby. When you are washing a newborn, it is advisable to use cotton wool pads/balls to wash their face and body. This is a softer alternative to a sponge. Bathing your newborn baby can seem very daunting at first, but most newborn babies actually enjoy the experience as they are used to the amniotic fluid in the womb and therefore find comfort in the warm water. It can therefore be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your baby too. When washing your baby’s hair/head, gently use your hand to pour water over and massage their head. Wash your baby’s nappy area last and wash front to back. Once your baby is clean, allow them some time to lie in the water, gently pouring water over their tummy to keep them warm. This will allow your baby to relax and enjoy. Before you begin bathing your baby, it is a good idea to make sure you have everything you need at hand. Including a towel, fresh nappy and clean clothing. Then you can prepare the bath water. For a young baby it is advisable not to fill the baby bath and to instead start with just a few inches of warm water. The ideal temperature is 37degrees. Make sure the warmth is evenly spread throughout the bath. Test the temperature with the inside of your wrist before placing your baby into the water. Using one arm, gently support your baby’s back, neck and head as you place them into the Once you have bathed your baby, carefully lift your baby out and pat them dry, making sure that you pay particular attention to the folds in their skin. This is also a wonderful time to talk to your baby and use some oil or cream to massage them (which can also help create a good bedtime routine). There are many helpful websites and the NHS offer further advice about bathing your baby along with a ‘How to’ video. Visit and search ‘washing and bathing your baby’. Tried, Tested & Recom mende d The JOHNSON’S® Baby brand is launching the new F I RS T T OUCH™ range which is the first collection to be completely soap, fragrance and colour free and includes everything new mums need to cleanse and protect their baby’s delicate skin from top to toe. The new range includes a wash, shampoo, wipes, barrier cream, oil and moisturiser. Available in stores now! “My son has suffered with eczema since he was born and although the hydrocortisone cleared his flare ups, I was always concerned with the prescribed creams and putting them onto my son’s skin. After hearing about Bioskin and the natural ingredients I was keen to try them. The Daily Nourishing Spray is a non greasy, easily absorbed spray which leaves the skin instantly soft and moisturised and the aromatic notes are a delight. Since using this product my son’s skin has become smoother and his outbreaks are minimal. Our bedtime routine now consists of a 'Bioskin Junior Bath Milk', (which is the best eczema bath product that I have tried and the smell has the bathroom fragrant), followed by our 'Daily Nourishing Spray, which results in one happy 'itch free' boy!” (Gill Pryce) WWW.MUMMYANDMEMAGAZINE.CO.UK | BATHING YOUR BABY - WHAT TO EXPECT f your baby was bathed in the hospital, you may have already learnt some tips. Children’s Centres also often provide Newborn Know-how sessions for expectant parents to learn daily tasks such as nappy changing or bathing your baby. Birth & Beyond Bathing your baby - what to expect... 11