MUMBOSSUK Issue Five - Page 15

Being a mum can be pretty lonely so making friends has to be on your mummy to do list, even around running a business. Just don't get matey with you kids friends even if you are cooler your kids won't like it!

( cool mum of 3 )

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It only makes me weaker!

Now I know my kids are no angels when it comes to getting their own way, it's either their way or no way at all and most of the time I'm a pretty tough mum who will stand her ground, but when you have spectators in the supermarket that make your toddlers tantrum even worse of course I'm going to give in

to stop the drama! So tip for you specs, give us mums a break! ( mum of 3)


ow! Can you believe this is one of the last copies to be online only! Soon all of the confessions sent in to us will be published onto a printed paper copy to pick up at your favourite hotspots! Keep all of the confessions coming in, it's one of our most viewed articles because its real life!

School time ... Oh dear

Who invented school inset days? and who's idea was to put them slap bang in the middle of a term? You're confusing mums like me on auto pilot and causing us to take kids in on days off! ( confused mum of 3 )

Where did it go?

I've been on a healthy eating plan now for a few months and I'm actually enjoying it, expect for the days when my toddler decided to eat half of everything i give him! I don't know about you but I'm one of those mums who can't throw half a plate of food away even if I know its not so good for my diet plan! I can't win, either save the planet or diet! (Tired mum of 2)

Mummy doesn't want to share!

What is it with parents just handing over their phones to their children at the drop of a hat? I mean seriously I'm not even talking cheap brick type phones that could probably take a beating, these are new shiny expensive top of the range phones and they're

being given

to children

as young as two sometimes just because they want them! Parents what's happening here? (Mum of one who happily plays with crayons)

Being a mum can be


Playtime is over

It always seems to be me who wants to curl up with a slight shade of red to the face when it comes to play time with my son. He comes out with the funniest quotes that shouldn't be said in public! I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it until I'm out in public! (mum of one who needs to rein it in)