Multisport Magazine Issue 22 - Page 6

CONTENTS WHAT'S INSIDE? NOVEMBER 2016 8 14 MY HAWAII Recap the pro race and read the personal stories of four age-group athletes who conquered the Big Island of Hawaii. 18 IDITAROD The ultimate endurance event. Read Troy Szczurcowski’s story of how he survived the Alaskan winter and 1,000 miles to become the first Australian to complete this epic journey. Ali Day and Courtney Hancock shone on the Gold Coast in this icon endurance event. 36 PURE PERFORMANCE 52 TRIATHLON QLD & VIC The training and performance advice section of Multisport. Learn from some of the sport’s best coaches and advisors. Read about the latest news in triathlon from the teams at TriathlonQueensland and Victoria. MULTISPORT SECTION HEADING M A G A Z I N E N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 6 I S S U E 2 2 M Y H AWA I I I D I TA R O D ONE MAN AND 1,000 MILES OF ICE 6 | MULTISPORT MAGAZINE GOLDEN DAYS AT COOLANGATTA GOLD PURE PERFORMANCE EXPERT TIPS FOR ANY AT H L E T E MULTISPORT MAGAZINE | 1 Multisport Magazine are proud to have award winning photographer Delly Carr’s incredible image as the first cover photo of our new-look magazine. Delly is one of the most loved and experienced sports photographers in the world and recently won the 2016 AIPP Sport Photographer of the Year. Check out Delly’s images at: