Multisport Magazine Issue 22 - Page 58

TRIATHLON VICTORIA MEMBER PROFILE STEPHANIE DEMESTICHAS Meet Stephanie Demestichas. Steph, like many athletes, is very busy and wears multiple hats. She’s a member and coach at the Casey Cardinia Triathlon Club, coaches for the Triathlon Victoria Development Program, is studying creative arts and racing as a professional triathlete. Triathlon Victoria (TV):How did you get into Triathlon? Stephanie Demestichas (SD): I am 22 years old and I live in Melbourne. As well as studying my final year of a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) degree, I’m the swim coach for a couple of triathlon clubs and a professional triathlete. At a young age, I was a national medalist in swimming and trained and raced at an elite level for eight years. My love and usual drive for swimming became challenging and I wasn’t improving for a couple of years, so I knew I needed a change. I always wanted to keep swimming in my life, but I wanted a bigger challenge and thought, why not take on two more sports? TV: What does a regular day look like for you? SD: I coach swimming in the morning, complete two training sessions, uni work/ class, write programs in the afternoon and then coach at night. I love listening to music, drawing and painting, catching up with friends and spending time with the family. TV: What keeps you motivated? SD: My goals motivate me, whether they are short term (for example, hitting a certain pace in a track set) or long term, all of my sessions that lead to a specific goal are important and will aid in achieving that target. I am also motivated by thinking about my professional career as a whole; I want to continually move my way up into the higher rankings in long distance triathlon (half ironman/70.3) and to enjoy the experience of racing against some of the world’s best. I believe I can achieve great things and I know I’ve got the attitude of a world class athlete. Being part of the Triathlon Victoria Development Program, firstly as a junior athlete and now as a coach has definitely helped my personal and professional development and I am grateful for their ongoing support. Also being a member of Casey Cardinia Triathlon Squad as their swim coach and seeing the athletes improve due to my guidance and their comm