Multisport Magazine Issue 22 - Page 56

TRIATHLON VICTORIA FROM THE TOP W elcome to the Victorian section of edition 22 of Multisport Magazine. It is really starting to feel like the start of the triathlon season .... the weather has improved, the morning chill disappeared and the thought of a bay swim is no longer connected to an ice bath here in Victoria! Triathlon is something that’s mobile, adventurous, challenging and best of all diverse. Training can take you to beautiful places, have you engage with interesting people and have you ‘out and about’ when sometimes you’d rather be looking at the back of your eyelids. 10 RACES INCLUDING 4 VICTORIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS. WILL YOU BE ON THE START LINE? 56 | MULTISPORT MAGAZINE As Victoria’s obsession with the AFL dims many of our members will begin to plan out their racing calendar, taking particular note of the second annual Victorian Triathlon State Series. The chance to race and accrue points towards the age-group champion award, and similarly for clubs to have bragging rights as the premier club is on offer. Will Bayside and Geelong Performance Coaching defend their respective titles, or can we expect some new challengers? All too often I get told that triathlon’s too hard, I’m not fit enough, it’s expensive, etc and whilst I can understand this perception, it is up to us as a community to show people that the starting point is anything but that. That’s why we’re really excited about our TriActive program. It is about getting triathlon into the option list when people are looking for something to do to be active. It’s a small starting point - just 2 x 1hr sessions a week leading into a mini enticer triathlon. We’re partnering with the State Sports Centre Trust and VicHealth to deliver programs over the next 6 weeks, finishing with participation in the ActiveTri and Gatorade triathlon events. No matter what shape, size, age, or level of experience, we offer a program that is inclusive, welcoming and genuine about finding the right balance for you and getting you to the starting line. We encourage people to start small, think big and be open to the future opportunities that triathlon can offer. So find a TriActive program or triathlon event near you. I guarantee there will be someone just like you toeing the start line, doing their personal best and celebrating the finish line. Keep safe and have fun this summer! Grant Cosgriff Executive Director, Triathlon Victoria What if you’re not a member? Well, put simply you should be! Members get connected to clubs, coaches and like-minded people to train with, learn more and have fun. Members are also afforded year round training and racing insurance coverage which provides great piece of mind, especially when out training on the bike. So, what’s stopping you? Give the office a call or search for your nearest club and join at Membership/Annual_Membership. htm MORE OFTEN. MORE VARIETY. MORE OPPORTUNITIES.