Multisport Magazine Issue 22 - Page 46

PURE PERFORMANCE | TRY-A-TRIATHLON B EG INNERS: G E T R E A DY F O R YO U R F I R S T R A C E BY BRENDAN AND CHELSE A DOWNEY P H O TO G R A P H Y B Y L E A N N E H A N D R E C K T he thought of getting ready for a short triathlon can be a daunting prospect for the average person with little to no knowledge of the sport. Brendon Downey, Race Director of Gatorade Queensland Triathlon Series and Ramsay Health Care Triathlon Pink, explains some of the key points to ensure that individuals can get ready to do their first triathlon. Triathlon. It conjures up images of extremely fit, lean individuals battling the sun and the elements in the all-day ‘ gruel-athlon’ of the Hawaii Ironman. No wonder many people secretly wish that they could do one but are too afraid to give it a go. Here are some tips to help you get started: Swim For a lot of people the swim is often the area that creates the most fear of triathlons. The first refreshing surprise is that the distance is not always as long as one might think! The ‘Enticer’ swim at the Gatorade Qld Tri Series varies between 200m and 300m. For ladies interested in a tri, you’ ll be pleased to know that the swim at the 46 | MULTISPORT MAGAZINE Triathlon Pink events are actually in a pool (many breathe a sigh of relief after hearing that) and we even allow pool noodles to be used if the participant chooses. However, any swimming can be very off putting to non-swimmers. If you haven’ t swum for a few years/decades start slowly. Some swimming pools are quite shallow, allowing you to stand up at any time, something that will take a lot of the fear out of swimming. Start with short pieces of say 10-15m. If it has been quite a while or you really don’ t know how to swim, call your local swimming centre who will put you in touch with an adult swim instructor - they will usually be able to get you swimming in only a couple of weeks.