Multisport Magazine Issue 22 - Page 39

PURE PERFORMANCE | BIKE 3) FOLLOW the plan! Consistency is KEY. Don’t expect magic results from one huge week of training. Long term commitment and hitting your intended sessions every week is where you will see real gains. You won’t improve your hill strength by thinking about it, make sure you get out there and do it!! Our final tip is HAVE FUN and explore new scenery, new cycle routes and even new countries. Cycling in the hills and/or mountains is one of the best things about being on a bike and the stronger you are, the more enjoyable the experience is. Plus, a strong cyclist = a fast cyclist and honestly, who doesn’t want to get quicker? "BUILDING ADEQUATE STRENGTH ENDURANCE AND CYCLING EFFICIENCY TO HIT THE INCLINES WILL INCREASE BOTH YOUR PERFORMANCE AND ENJOYMENT." Our passion is to inspire people of all ages to find joy in a more active lifestyle and turn their sporting dreams into reality... • Adult Triathlon Program Options • Junior Triathlon Programs (Geelong & Torquay Area) • ‘Run Fast, Run Free’ coaching programs • Swim Squads Phone Michelle today on: 0402 299 589 - Torquay MULTISPORT MAGAZINE | 39