Multisport Magazine Issue 22 - Page 37

SECTION HEADING "THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SWIMMING FAST IN THE POOL AND SWIMMING FAST IN OPEN WATER." Is Your Swim Leg Holding you Back from Achieving your Goals? Join professional triathletes Clayton Fettell and Annabel Luxford and learn the secrets to fast open water swimming in the new video course, ‘The Art Of Triathlon Swimming’. • • • • Master open water swimming technique Be confident swimming in a pack Conserve energy for your bike and run Exit the water sooner without working harder The ‘Art Of Triathlon Swimming’ is available for stream and download anytime at EFFORTLESS SWIMMING SWIM CLINICS Not Getting The Personal Coaching Your Swim Stroke Needs? • Underwater filming • One to one coaching to help triathletes become stronger swimmers. • Eliminate frustration • Learn the fundamentals of fast freestyle • See an increase in speed and efficiency Clinics held