Multisport Magazine Issue 22 - Page 21

FEATURE STORY when it’s -25C with a 15-knot headwind! That night it was hard to relax as the 30-knot wind clawed at the tiny cabin and the wood stove struggled to heat the space. Meanwhile outside the temperature was -30C but the most incredible aurora show made it hard to stay inside and sleep. Planning and preparation paid off and I managed the 30-mile crossing over the sea ice in seven and a half hours. At 8:59pm, May 17, 2016 I crossed under the burled arch in Front St, Nome. I proudly became the first Australian to complete the 1000-mile race and it was an awesome feeling to raise the flag and represent Australia in one of the toughest races on the planet. Friends and family back home were able to celebrate via Iditarod webcams and my GPS tracker. It was Friday afternoon in Australia and from what I’ve heard, not much work was done after 2pm with wine glasses clinked, a social media frenzy and a lot of chatter about the successful completion. I quietly celebrated with the last of my M&Ms. This is such a unique race that requires physical endurance, an adaptable attitude, knowledge of your body and your bike (and how to fix them both), a solo mindset and confidence in remote, arctic environments. It won’t be the last time I race Iditarod as I’m heading back in 2017 to race the longer, tougher and more remote South route. If I complete it I’ll have achieved my planned trifecta of all three distances in consecutive years. I will be detailing the race stories further on my blog, so drop in sometime and check it here: WEB RESOURCES QUICK FACTS CALORIES BURNT/DAY: APPROX 9000 CALORIES CONSUMED/DAY: APPROX 5000 FAVE FOOD: BONK BREAKER PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOC CHIP SLEEPING BAG: EXPED WATERBLOC 1200 SLEEPING PAD: THERMAREST RIDGEREST SOL BIKE: MURU CYCLES WITJIRA (TITANIUM) WHEELS: HED BFD 100MM CARBON, TUNE KING/KONG HUBS TYRES: DILLINGER 5 STUDDED, TUBELESS SPONSORS: FE SPORTS, OLYMPUS AU, RIDE MECHANIC, MURU CYCLES, DAWSON SPORTS MAIN CLOTHING OUTER L AYERS: SALOMON SOFT SHELL BASE L AYERS AND KNICKS: LOUIS GARNEAU BOOTS: 45NRTH WOLFGAR MULTISPORT MAGAZINE | 21