Multisport Magazine Issue 22 - Page 12

FEATURE STORY FEATURE STORY KO N A T I M E L I N E Tri Travel have been travelling to Kona for 16 years helping over 1000 athletes to the holy grail on Alii Drive. Each year the team at Tri Travel create an itinerary designed to help the athlete see the course before the race, relax during the final few days and provide some expert knowledge and fun along the way. Here is a timeline of what to expect on the Tri Travel Hawaii Tour. D AY 1 D AY 6 Always the hardest day in Kona. Athletes and their travelling partners are tired and often bikes do not arrive on the same flight causing some angst. But the team at Tri Travel collect all the missing luggage and deliver it to the athletes later that night. Time for the spectators to relax and unwind while their athletes sleep (and look after the kids for the night). This night is always a great get-together for all the support crews to relax, and compare notes about their (high maintenance) athlete! D AY 2 D AY 7 Now the tour starts to be fun. Tri Travel take the crew out to the Queen K Hig hway and run 14km in and out of the famous Energy Lab. The first real taste of what’s to come. This event is almost bigger than race day now with over 2000 people running around in their Undies. Lots of Tri Travel crew love taking their clothes off! ARRIVAL IN KONA GAINING ENERGY IN THE ENERGY LAB D AY 3 REALITY CHECK ON THE KAWAIHII RIDE Starting at 7am Tri Travel drive the team over the bike course, finishing the bus tour at Kawaiihi. From there the athletes ride 55km back to the RoyalKona Resort, stopping at Scenic Lookout for some refreshments. Later that night we have the team dinner and present the Tri Travel kit including the new edition Boca Trucker Hat. D AY 4 BELINDA'S SWIM TIPS Today Tri Travel pick up the athletes from their hotel and take them to the King Kam Hotel where they meet Belinda Granger who explains the course and then swims a few kilometers with the team, pointing out the best place to start and what to look for to help you swim the best line possible. D AY 5 COFFEE. SWIM. RELAX Easy day today. A quick coffee at the beach with the team, an easy swim, then relaxing after shopping. Later that afternoon the team join the Parade of Nations. 12 | MULTISPORT MAGAZINE COCKTAILS AND DREAMS UNDIES ARE US D AY 8 MILLION DOLLAR BABIES A nervous day for the athletes as they check in their gear with 2400 other athletes onto the Kona Pier. A lot of money sits on that pier overnight. D AY 9 ON YOUR MARKS Race day is here and while the athletes let the pressure off at the start of the race, it rarely subsides for the spectators who are on edge all day until their loved one crosses the line. The Tri Travel tour bus takes the spectators out to the heart of the race – the Queen K Highway, where we get a real taste of the heat and wind the athletes are experiencing. D AY 1 0 HOW GOOD ARE WE? The Tri Travel breakfast is the time for everyone to get together and recap the day and at the end of the breakfast they relive the week with the famous Tri Travel team video.