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Windows 7 Undelete: How to Undelete Files in Windows 7 How Can I Undelete Deleted Files in Windows 7? Ok here is my problem: I just deleted some folders from E: Drive in my notebook. I delete them with “Shift+Delete” so I know that I can’t restore them from recycle bin. I have lots of movies and music files in these folders. How can I recover these permanently deleted files in Windows 7? Please help me and thanks in advance. Actually, “Deleting” a file doesn’t really delete it. The delete file will be marked as available to be used by system. This means that even if you can’t reclaim it from recycle bin, you can still undelete it with a third-party Windows 7 undelete program before it’s overwritten by new data on your computer. Chances of undeleting Windows 7 files are decent as long as you stop using your Windows 7 computer immediately after deleting it. Amigabit Data Recovery is one of the best Windows 7 undelete programs that you can get from the Internet. It’s able to undelete all kinds of files in Windows 7 with a safe and easy-to-use way, such as photos, videos, audio files, emails, documents, etc. You can download the trial version of the program to undelete files from Windows 7 now. This trial version enables you to scan your computer and view scanning result to check whether your deleted files can be recovered or not.