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How to Join Multiple DVD Files/Titles into a Single Digital File on PC/Mac Here's the most efficient solution to merge DVD files/titles into single one on PC/Mac. In a DVD disc, all video contents are placed in titles. If you have got a feature-length DVD movie, the entire film is put into the main title while extra parts like trailers, bonus, deleted scenes, or behind-the-scenes look are respectively included into multiple titles. Sometimes, we may need to combine those DVD files to gather full movie, outtakes, post-credits scene together so that we can play all wanted contents once, burn to blank DVD disc for a backup or as a gift for friends/family. Here, the guide of how to join multiple DVD files/titles on PC/Mac will be shown. But at first, we should garner a reliable DVD file joiner. What Is the Best DVD File Joiner? "My DVD has 11 titles. I do like to rip it to a single MP4 file with all 11 titles merged. What is the easiest program for a novice to encode multiple DVD titles and join them into one file?" You may try to rip a DVD but find the DVD ripper only allows you to rip one title at a time. To get a single digital file from several combined DVD titles, a more multifunctional program available to join DVD files for ripping should be held in hand. BlazeVideo DVD Creator is not only a solid DVD ripper as its name but an user-friendly DVD file joiner driving users to combine multiple DVD files and rip them into a single digital file as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, 3GP etc, while keeping a high level of video/audio quality. It can also help you rip merged DVD file to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows devices and other fashionable gadgets flawlessly. Apart from general DVDs, it can handle latest movie DVD with removal of copy protections like CSS, region code, Sony ArccOS, Disney X-project DRM. Thanks to straightforward design, even a rookie can learn how to operate it without