Multimedia Software How to download music from tumblr

How to Download Music/Audio/Songs from Tumblr Using Firefox/Chrome Browser Only or Other Tools Check out steps to save music audio file from Tumblr blog/dashboard on Firefox, Chrome & Safari. Also get plug-in or software to free download Tumblr music. - Can you download music from Tumblr? I was creeping on some hot girls Tumblr and they had a dope playlist. Is there a way to download it? Also at times, I came across some audios/songs (in MP3 format) on Tumblr and quite look forward to downloading them to my iPhone. Would you please figure out how do I do this fast? - question from Yahoo Answer As one of the most trendy social platforms, Tumblr flys its own colors by its unique light blogging style. Audio belongs to one of the blog content, and users can post audio by searching and select online audio/song resource, pasting online audio/music URL, as well as uploading native (homemade) audio file to Tumblr. In view of this, you can usually discover quite a lot of diverting original audio/music on Tumblr. What a pity that Tumblr does not feature downloading audio, this is why you need to read about this tutorial on how to download music from Tumblr.