Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue IV, 2016 - Page 62

across many different industry segments , and can provide her with a broader perspective , beyond her brand and outside of franchising .

Even a brand with plenty of internal resources relies on outside expertise . To develop and deploy its new app , says Magee , Moe ’ s worked with two different outside agencies , creating a cross-functional team consisting of its internal creative and tech

Gone Social

staff with the two agencies .
Social media is another important way Moe ’ s engages with its fans through events such as the brand ’ s annual Free Queso Day , sneak peeks into its kitchen , and having fans post their food photos . It also allows store operators to strengthen their ties with the local community through fundraisers with schools , churches , and local charities . Much of it is about having fun , a big part of the brand ’ s identity .
Magee says engaging with customers is about tying all of the brand ’ s different online initiatives together to touch the consumer in as many different ways and through as many different channels as possible . With so many moving parts , this is easier said than done , but these three brands are moving steadily in the right direction .

Social Media : Choosing the Best Platform

Choosing the best social media platform or channel to

reach your target audience can be challenging , as both the technologies and your customers continue to evolve . This list of the top five , ranked by unique monthly visitors , along with their strengths and weaknesses in relation to your goals , provides some guidance in sorting out your options and choosing where to focus your digital resources .
Helpful hints
• To avoid conflicting brand messages , franchisees are well served with centralized social media management .
• Franchisees may benefit from hiring a consultant to manage social media across several platforms and units . This service
is often more cost-effective than handling it in-house because the sites change their rules frequently , which requires an expert . Also , missteps in handling customer issues at one location or unit can affect all units .
• All franchisees owe a duty to the franchisor to ensure that posts are brand compliant and supportive . This is good for all franchises and the brand overall .
• Remember that your employees see your social media content , too . It can be a great way to shine a light on exemplary employees . Their friends and family will reward you with Likes !
Tammy Cancela , a marketing consultant , can be reached at 972- 898-8413 or tcancela @ sbcglobal . net .
General market targeting ( 25 +) Longer posts possible ( text , photos , links , video ) Videos in news feeds get excellent viewability
Multi-unit franchises can promote the entire brand or each location easily
Social ads - excellent targeting , ad types , data
General market targeting ( 12 +)
Owned by Google – it is generally thought that Google favors strong YouTube channels / videos in assigning website page ranks for linked content
Video-centric – videos can be catalogued for long-term access
Social ads – excellent targeting , ad types , data
Targeting younger audiences ( 12 – 49 )
Short time-sensitive posts with links
Targeting business audiences
Brands can manage groups , post long-form posts , alert candidates to job openings , promote their company culture , etc .
Articles posted on LinkedIn can be referenced to create back links to company website – improves SEO scores
Supports franchise sales and business development
Facebook changes its rules / format constantly , with little or no warning
Videos are not catalogued
If managing multiple accounts / units , FB makes it hard to sort out charges
Competition for video views is very strong
Launching video on other sites and cataloguing on YouTube is an effective strategy
Short post format
Requires more time to manage because Twitter users expect immediate feedback
Brands can promote posts , but other advertising may be insulting to users . They are an edgier group than , say , Facebook .
Recent criticism for being too commercial Few effective ad types available Long-form copy development can be expensive Group curation can be expensive and time-consuming
Best for franchises that are visual in nature ( e . g ., painting
parties , game truck parties )
Excellent photography and appealing layouts are a must – targets are attracted by visuals
* Source : eBizMBA , August 2016
Gone Social across many different industry segments, and can provide her with a broader perspective, beyond her brand and outside of franchising. Even a brand with plenty of internal resources relies on outside expertise. To develop and deploy its new app, says Magee, Moe’s worked with two different outside agencies, creating a cross-functional team consisting of its internal creative and tech staff with the two agencies. Social media is another important way Moe’s engages with its fans through events such as the brand’s annual Free Q VW6F6VVV2FG2F6VBfrf27BFV"fBF2@6w27F&RW&F'2F7G&VwFVFV"FW2vFFR66VGF&VvgVG&6W'2vF6626W&6W2@66&FW2V6bB2&WBbРrgV&r'BbFR'&N( 2FVFGvVR62VvvrvF7W7FW'02&WBGrbFR'&N( 2FffW&VBƖRFFfW2FvWFW"FFV6FR67VW"2FffW&VBv0BF&Vv2FffW&VB6V0276&RvF6fr'G2F22V6W"6BFFR'WBFW6PF&VR'&G2&Rfr7FVFǒFP&vBF&V7Fࠥ66VF66rFR&W7BFf&Ф%DՒ44T06rFR&W7B66VFFf&"6VF&V6W"F&vWBVFV6R6&R6Vvr2&FFRFV6vW2BW"7W7FW'26FVRFWffRF2Ɨ7BbFRFffR&VB'VVRFǒf6F'2rvFFV"7G&VwF2BvVW76W2&VFFW v2&fFW26RwVF6R6'FrWBW"F2@66rvW&RFf7W2W"FvF&W6W&6W2आVgVG0( "FfB6fƖ7Fr'&BW76vW2g&66VW2&RvV6W'fVBvF6VG&ƗVB66VFvVVB( "g&66VW2&VVfBg&&r67VFBFvR66VF7&726WfW&Ff&2BVG2F26W'f6P4DR$䲠TTPDŐd4D%2f6V&UGV&P2gFV&R67BVffV7FfRFFƖrBֆW6R&V6W6PFR6FW26vRFV"'VW2g&WVVFǒv6&WV&W2WW'B6֗77FW2FƖr7W7FW"77VW2BR6F VB6ffV7BVG2( "g&66VW2vRGWGFFRg&66"FV7W&RF@7G2&R'&B6ƖBB7W'FfRF22vBf"g&66W2BFR'&BfW&( "&VV&W"FBW"VVW26VRW"66VF6FVBFB6&Rw&VBvF6RƖvBWV'VVW2FV"g&VG2Bf֖ǒv&Wv&BRvFƖW2Fג66V&WFr67VFB6&R&V6VBBs#ӃC2"F66V6&6v&WBࠤ$U5BU4P$Ut$P vVW&&WBF&vWFr#RvW"7G276&RFWBF2Ɩ2fFVfFV2Ww2fVVG2vWBW6VVBfWv&ƗGVFVBg&66W26&FRFRVF&R'&B V66FV6ǐ66G2W6VVBF&vWFrBGW2FFf6V&6vW2G2'VW2f&B67FFǒvFƗGFR"v&pfFV2&RB6FwVV@bvrVFR66VG2VG2d"W2B&BF6'@WB6&vW0  vVW&&WBF&vWFr"vVB'vvR( 2B2vVW&ǒFVvBFBvvPff'27G&rUGV&R6V2fFV276vpvV'6FRvR&2f"ƖVB6FV@fFV6VG&2( 2fFV26&R6FwVVBf"rFW&Ц66W7066G2( 2W6VVBF&vWFrBGW2FF6WFFf"fFVfWw22fW'7G&pV6rfFVFW"6FW2B6FwVrUGV&R0VffV7FfR7G&FVwGvGFW 03РF&vWFrVvW"VFV6W2.( 3C6'BFR6V6FfR7G2vFƖ06'B7Bf&@&WV&W2&RFRFvR&V6W6RGvGFW"W6W'2WV7@VFFRfVVF&6'&G26&FR7G2'WBFW"GfW'F6r&P7VFrFW6W'2FW&RVFvW"w&WF6f6V&ࠤƖVDࠣ@#STРF&vWFr'W6W72VFV6W0'&G26vRw&W27Brf&7G2W'@6FFFW2F"Vw2&FRFV"6琦7VGW&RWF2'F6W27FVBƖVD6&R&VfW&V6VBF7&VFP&6Ɩ2F6vV'6FR( 2&fW24T66&W07W'G2g&66R6W2B'W6W72FWfVV@&V6VB7&F66f"&VrF6W&6fWrVffV7FfRBGW2f&Prf&6FWfVVB6&RWV6fPw&W7W&F6&RWV6fRBFR67V֖pFW&W7@P#SР&W7Bf"g&66W2FB&Rf7VGW&RRrFrW6VVBFw&BVƖrWG2&RW7B( 0'FW2vRG'V6'FW2F&vWG2&RGG&7FVB'f7V06W&6ST&$VwW7B#`cTDTBe$44TR22TRb#`VcE66VFSbSrScFBcrb#RР