Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue IV, 2016 - Page 60

Gone Social having their own page.” “Franchisees still have the flexibility to do local things,” says Matheson. However, she adds, only with guidance and ongoing education from corporate, including providing them with content, and proving the effectiveness of the national page using metrics. On Facebook those KPIs include the total number of fans, fans reached each week, overall engagement, and engagement per post. Corporate also has a lot to teach fran- chisees about how to most effectively engage their fans online. “It takes a lot of time and energy and effort to understand the guest. We do that at the franchisor level,” she says. For example, franchisees were not following the 80/20 rule discussed above, and instead were making the conversation too much about themselves—not the conversation the guests were having. As a result, she says, 80 percent of online content will come from the national team, leaving the re- Driven: The Meineke Rewards Program BY SUMMER NUNN The Meineke Rewards program has been very successful for us. Meineke Rewards truly sets us apart from the competition because it matches every dollar spent with rewards points. The benefit to customers is the ability to redeem points for normal services like oil changes, tires, and brakes. Since its launch one year ago, more than 378,000 customers have enrolled in the program. Beyond enrollment, we track the average spend of rewards customers vs. non-rewards customers, along with the number of redemptions for free services, to gauge success of the program. Summer Nunn The management of the Meineke Rewards program is a collective effort between internal teams and business partners. Meineke’s internal marketing team oversees the full program and directs business partners and agencies accordingly. Clutch, a customer marketing and engagement firm, has been our main partner. They helped launch the program and assisted in the overall revitalization of our customer retention and marketing efforts. How did we engage the franchisees on this? Encouraging franchisee buy-in is fairly simple. In addition to education including webinars, emails, and print materials in each center, we’re transparent about the benefit of the program and share it in the language they speak: customer return rate, average spend, overall center profitability. It’s hard to argue with a program that encourages customers to return more, spend more, and that adds money to your bottom line! With that, we’ve been able to get buy-in from 30 percent of our centers. Our goal is 50 percent by the end of the year. Customer demand also dictates franchisee buy-in—the more customers ask about the program, the more our franchisees are encouraged to participate. How are we managing/balancing centralized control with local flexibility in our digital marketing efforts? One of the benefits of being a part of the Driven Brands family of automotive com panies is access to Driven Brands’ digital marketing team. This means we’re able to execute national and local initiatives in a nimble way. Because all advertising efforts are data-driven, if there’s an opportunity to shift efforts for the betterment of a market, we can do so at any given time. It’s a balancing act we’ve worked hard to perfect. We’re almost there! Which social media platforms are we finding most effective for our customers and target customers? Facebook and Twitter remain our go-to social media engage- ment tools. Both make it easy to reach and engage with customers while leveraging advertising capabilities that aren’t too intrusive. However, we believe in the power of a strong digital presence and engage on Instagram and LinkedIn as well. We want to make it easy for customers to find and engage with us, regardless of where and how they do it. Summer Nunn is vice president of marketing for Meineke Car Care Centers. 58 mainder for the franchisees to customize for their local market. Matheson says her 80/20 rule offers the best of both worlds to both franchisees and corporate. “We can do a better job to engage their audience.” Built-in advantage At Moe’s, about 80 percent of its social media outreach is done through dedicated in-house resources. Each platform or channel has different messages and purposes, he says, which requires a different communication strategy. Corporate manages a lot of the messaging, as well as responses to customer questions or comments—“no matter what your question is,” says Magee. “The beauty of having those resources in-house is that we can have a consistent message and brand voice.” At Moe’s, field marketing teams work closely with franchisees to establish and maintain brand consistency across its websites and social media channels. “It’s more efficient to have this as a centralized resource,” says Magee. Search Moe’s and there is one national website, but it’s local pages when customers are in or near a store. This also allows rapid changes, for instance when a hurricane races up the East Coast, or there’s a community event nearby. “We want fans and guests to have that continuity and consistency,” says Magee. Moe’s has an additional advantage by being part of Focus Brands (which itself is owned by Roark Capital). Focus has six franchise brands under its umbrella (Moe’s, Auntie Anne’s, Carvel, Cinnabon, Schlotzsky’s, and Seattle’s Best Coffee). Focus has created “centers of excellence”— pooled resources to support the individual brands with public relations, social, and creative—and built a new campus to support these cross-brand initiatives. At BW&R, a much smaller enterprise, social media is outsourced to Empower MediaMarketing, a local agency in Cincinnati that assists in crafting their content. “It takes a lot of time and effort to develop it ourselves,” says Matheson. Instead, she’s outsourced several functions, which she monitors and oversees. “I like using agencies. It’s much more efficient and effective.” She uses Fishbowl to help with data analytics and employs Directions Research, a local company, for additional consumer research and analysis. Another advantage to using third parties, she says, is that each agency works with clients MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISEE IS S UE IV, 2016 muf4_socialmedia(56,57,58,60).indd 58 10/7/16 1:25 PM