Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue IV, 2016 - Page 14

D OM I N A T O R S BY DEBBIE SELINSKY Taking It to the Limit A Rob Chinsky works hard and plays hard fter working his usual 50- to 60-hour week tending to his 17 Indianapolis-area Penn Station East Coast Subs stores, Rob Chinsky and his wife Linda moved both their children into their college dorms, hours away, all in one weekend. This typifies Chinsky’s priorities in life: family first, with his business and 240 close-knit employees coming in second. Chinsky, 49, has been in franchising since he was 23, when a family friend financed his first Penn Station restaurant. At the time, franchisees were allowed to own only one store. Next year he’ll open his 18th, the maximum the brand allows. It was a slow and steady growth path to where he is today. “I worked from home for the first 20 years. It was just me, doing all the training and operating with my wife helping with the books,” he says. “After store 10, it just got to be too much—much of that due to government regulations. So I hired an office manager and accountant. We bought an old house built in the ’40s and re-worked it into office space. It’s five minutes from home.” A St. Louis native whose first job as a teen was working in a cousin’s deli, at 23 Chinsky moved to Cincinnati in 1990 to open his first restaurant. He had become smitten with the restaurant business and delved into the study of hotel and resNAME: Rob Chinsky TITLE: President COMPANY: Chinsky Restaurant Group NO. OF UNITS: 17 Penn Station East Coast Subs AGE: 49 FAMILY: Married with two grown children YEARS IN FRANCHISING: 26 YEARS IN CURRENT POSITION: 26 12 MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISEE IS S UE IV, 2016 muf4_profile_chinsky(12,14,16).indd 12 10/6/16 4:56 PM