Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 9

2017 - ✓ CONFERENCES 2017 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference By the time you read this, you’ve missed the 2017 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, held this April 23–26 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. But don’t worry: we’re holding another one next year! Attendees enthusiastically agreed this year’s gathering was a highly useful, valuable experience. And following another year of record-breaking attendance by multi- unit operators and exhibitors alike, many are already making plans to return next year. This annual conference is a unique, must-attend opportunity for multi-unit franchisees to meet and learn from the best in the business, explore new brands, and soak up invaluable expertise at the educational sessions. Need some inspiration? Take a peek at the conference online to see the speakers and review the educational sessions. Next year’s conference will be held April 3–6 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Sign up to keep current on developments for 2018 at ✓ ONLINE Multi-Unit Community Grows Check out our community-based website for multi-unit operators. It’s your exclusive look into the world of multi-unit franchising, your one-stop shop to fi nd: • New brand opportunities • Exclusive interviews • Networking opportunities • Operator profi les • Online edition and archives • Financing resources ✓ NEW ONLINE VIDEOS Expands Great entrepreneurs build great organizations. They possess a knack for making smart business decisions, building great teams, and creating successful companies. But as we’ve learned from years of interviewing successful multi-unit franchisees, they’ve also struggled, doubted, and made more than a few mistakes—yet they’ve soldiered on, persevered, and ultimately come out on top. To provide a deeper sense of their journeys, insights, and personalities, we’re selecting franchisees from our most inspiring print interviews and creating a new series of online videos of these franchisee leaders. We call them Empire ✓ FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES Looking for your next franchise opportunity? Have we got the tools for you! Find articles on companies, concepts, industries, trends, and profi les—and search our features. Find franchisors looking for multi-unit franchisees, area reps, and area developers. Search by top opportunities, alphabetically, investment level, industry, state, and more at ✓ RANKINGS Check out our annual rankings of the top multi-unit franchisees and their brands to fi nd out “who’s on fi rst.” This iss ue contains our annual Multi-Unit 50 rankings, which show the most “multi-friendly” brands. To see our Mega 99 rankings of the largest multi-unit organizations and their most popular brands, go to mega99.html ✓ PUBLICATIONS “Don’t just survive, thrive!” Franchise Update Media’s 2017 Annual Franchise Development Report, and the best-selling book, Grow to Greatness by top franchise consultant Steve Olson, offer invaluable tips for franchise sales success and unit growth in today’s economy. To order, visit franchisors/afdr.html and franchisors/growtogreatness.html ✓ QUICKLINK For a one-click link to articles in this magazine and to past issues of Multi-Unit Franchisee magazine, visit www. FREE YOUR EMPLOYEES! “We realized we just needed to allow them to be real human beings with our customers to make them happy, smile, and feel at home. How can you be the best part of someone’s day? How do you go above and beyond for your guests and your employees? Take off the shackles and allow employees to think on their own and do what is right.” — John Ponczoch, TravelCenters of America, a multi- brand franchisee with more than 800 locations MULTI-UNIT MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISEE FRANCHISEE IS IS S S U U E E III, II, 2009 2017 7