Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue III, 2017 - Page 8

Chairman’sNote Passionate About Franchising T o say that my husband Joey and I are honored to be named as the chairs of the 2018 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference would be an understatement. The resume of the 2017 chair, Guillermo Perales, who has 750 units across multiple brands and industries, was a bit overwhelming. But when we heard Guillermo share his story this past April at Caesars Palace (he started with one unit financed by an SBA loan), it became clear that even though we only have 42 stores and are passionate about one brand and one industry, we all are passionate about franchising. I started with Supercuts in 1980 when our brand and the franchising program were in their infancy. It was an exciting time to be in business and experi- ence the drive and energy of the people who started our concept. But I did not start with Super- cuts as a franchisee, and certainly not as a stylist. I was a bookkeeper with no experience, an education in hospital administration, a past in restaurant management, and a new mom looking for a job that paid well without working nights or weekends. I had worked there only 3 years when Candi Overman, who had hired me, gifted me a piece of a new shop, and in 1983 my journey as a franchisee officially began. Later Joey and I started our own company and have been working together ever since. Since the beginning, my husband has been my partner. At night, after his day job as a CPA for a national accounting firm, he would help me un- derstand how to set up books for new companies and new locations. We share this because although there are in- credible leaders in franchising like Guillermo and other past chairs like Michael Kulp, Aziz Hashim, and of course our mentor, Gary Grace, there are many more franchisees like Joey and me. We work 6 MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISEE IS S UE III, 2017 hard on our salons and have raised our kids enjoy- ing the flexibility that making your own hours can give you. We keep learning and growing so we can pass on the information and the opportunities to the people who work with us. This annual conference is where we come to learn, to grow, and to stay current in an ever- changing world. We have formed relationships with franchisees and suppliers who have made a big difference in our business. At the first Multi- Unit Conference in Los Angeles, I met a vendor who was setting up Wi-Fi for customers. That doesn’t sound so exciting now, but it was super ex- citing 17 years ago. Who knows what you will learn at next year’s conference? You may learn about a new brand looking for a franchisee just like you. You may learn about a supplier who can help you grow your company to the next level. Certainly you will hear from expert, sophisti- cated franchisees who can share their experience with financ- ing, the joint employer rule, and the state of franchising, among many other topics. You might also hear about the challenges of working with your spouse—even if he is the most wonderful husband and partner. Come celebrate with people like yourself— people who, regardless of industry, store count, or location want to be better franchisees and better business people. Celebrate your achievements and your future with us at the next Multi-Unit Fran- chising Conference April 3–6 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Cheryl & Joey Robinson 2018 Conference Chairs